How Easy is it to Care for Rainbow Hair?

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How Easy is it to Care for Rainbow Hair?

15 June 2016
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If you've been on social media at all this year, you've no doubt encountered rainbow hair. This hot new trend has been around for quite a while now and is only gaining in popularity, with women sporting hair colours in a broad spectrum of hues, from dusky pinks to neon oranges and everything in-between! It's not just a trend for celebrities, either --  regular folk have also been posting pictures of their mermaid locks on Instagram and the like. If you're tempted to try the look, expect a lot of upkeep and lots of attention from passersby! It's not a trend for the shy, but it is a fun, young trend and worth giving a go if you're bored with your hair and fancy a total rehaul. Read on for some information on how to care for rainbow hair and where to get it done if you decide to bite the bullet!

Avoid overwashing your hair 

If you decide to go rainbow-coloured, this tip will be of utmost importance in order to keep your colour fresh and true. Hair should only be washed once a week if possible, twice at the most, if you want the colour to last any amount of time. Make braids, headscarves and dry shampoo your best friend, and only wash your hair when it really needs it; it may be a pain at first, but after a while your hair will get used to not being washed as much and shouldn't get as oily as it will at first. 

Use the right products

Bleached hair is thirsty and will need lots of hydration if you don't want it to dry out, so after your hair is coloured, stock up on hair masks and light oils to keep your rainbow locks silky rather than frazzled (just make sure you use them sparingly to avoid overload, like we mentioned in the previous section)

Only use shampoo and conditioners that are moisturising, and if you dry your hair, make sure you use a protecting treatment first. If you MUST use straighteners or curlers on your hair (try not to!) make sure they are set on the lowest setting.

Trust a professional

If you want to go rainbow-coloured, whether it be a single hue or a few different colours, but are not sure it's for you, why not get some hair chalk or temporary spray and try it out without any commitment? If you love the new you and want more of a permanent change, it's best to put your hair in the hands of a trained professional, such as Skye Norman Hair and Beauty Company, especially if you're going for more than one colour.